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Dr. Alyssa M. Woodall is a Doctor of Chiropractic. She was born in Mission Hills, California and then moved to Westlake Village in 1974 with her family.

Dr. Woodall received her primary and secondary education here in Westlake Village. She received her Bachelors in Science at The University of the Pacific in Stockton, California. She is also a 1993 graduate in massage therapy from the Touch Therapy Institute in Encino, California.

Dr. Woodall is a 1996 graduate of Palmer West Chiropractic College in San Jose, California. She is a member of the Westlake Village Chamber of Commerce and Chiropractic Leadership Alliance.

After a Postceptorship in Northern California, Dr. Woodall and her husband, dentist, Dr. Stephen Woodall, moved back home to Westlake Village amongst family and friends to grow their own health care practices.

With three young sons, Taylor, Nicholas and Christian, and knowing the everyday demands of parenting, Dr. Woodall is keenly aware of the physical demands that we place our bodies through everyday. Her family is involved in baseball, roller hockey, soccer, scuba diving, tennis, and snow skiing. These experiences in the physical and emotional demands of sports and life, enable Dr. Woodall to be uniquely qualified in fields of pediatrics, maternity, personal injury, massage and overall wellness care for all ages.

Dr. Paul J. Gilmartin can be reached at (805) 496-9996


Active as a professional baseball player for five years and a baseball coach at Sacramento City College, Dr. Gilmartin is keenly aware of the physical demands of athletes of all sports up to and throughout the professional ranks. It is this special experience that enables Dr. Gilmartin to be uniquely qualified to understand and take care of the nervous system and spine of you and your family to enjoy health and wellness.

Professional athletes, student-athletes, baseball players, basketball players, soccer, tennis, golfers and softball players should take into consideration the special awareness the Dr. Gilmartin has to your demands as a player and outstanding results with proper chiropractic adjustments. Get to know how your performance improves with chiropractic adjustments. Live and play to your full potential!

 Health is now a personal responsibilityThe best way to take care of you and your family is to adapt the the physical, chemical, mental and emotional stresses we all go through. Nearly eighty-five percent of disease process start from stress. As you compensate for stress you have signs and symptoms, aches, pains, poor sleep, poor digestion, etc. The only system in the body that rebuilds, repairs and adapts to stress of any kind is the nervous system. Make sure your nerve network is functioning without interference through CHIROPRACTIC and you will have the best chance at health and wellness!

He received his primary and secondary education in the San Fernando Valley. Undergraduate study was successfully completed in the field of science at St. Mary's College in Moraga, California. 

Dr. Gilmartin is a graduate of Cleveland College of Chiropractic in Los Angeles. He is a lifetime member of Association of Professional Baseball Players.

Dr. Gilmartin strives continually to improve and update his knowledge in the fields of chiropractic, by regularly attending and participating in research seminars and meeting with professional athletes for adjustments throughout the United States.

As a part of his active community involvement, he takes every opportunity to speak and lecture at schools, little leagues, organizations and major corporations about the benefits of chiropractic care.

 Dr. Gilmartin and his wife, JoAnna reside locally. Their sons, Michael and Sean being under lifetime chiropractic wellness care were high caliber collegiate baseball players and now are professional baseball players.They have been A's, Braves,Met's, Reds, Nationals and Cardinals. (805) 496-9996

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